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The League of the Leaf leaf?

One of the most asked questions has to be "What 'leaf' is this league about anyway?" which is usually followed by a smirk and a chuckle.

Well, if you notice my designer, designdorf.net, incorporated many earth tones and flowing shapes to reflect characteristics of nature. The League of the Leaf is about many leaves, each one as different and unique as it's members. Below are just a few of the most popular and influential leaves.


Hops is every beer brewer's leaf!

A friend gave me a unique gift this past holiday season, a 6-pack of beer. But it wasn't just any old 6-pack, it was a collection of his favorite beers of all time! He wanted a review of each one, so I enjoyed a beer every day for the holidays. This was my favorite one and usually I am not a big fan of stouts. And yes, hops is part of the Cannabaceae family.

guy2Tea is every tea lover's leaf.

I first discovered tea as I learned about Japan. Sencha is the staple Japanese "everyday" green tea we drink at home. I will have to say that my favorite tea is Puttabong Darjeeling FTGFOP1.


Tobbaco is every cigar aficionado's leaf!

When I travel outside of the US, I make sure to pick up a box of Romeo y Juliet and enjoy them before returning to the States, because it is illegal to import them.

71Maple Leaf is every panckae/waffle lover's leaf.

Ever try to eat pancakes without maple syrup? I am not talking about that Aunt Jamima sugar water crap either - I mean real maple syrup!

71The Japanese Maple is a gardener's leaf.

It is one of the most beautiful plants in a garden and has a wide range of colors. The Japanese maple is a hardy plant that makes a great addition to any garden ... just like the Japanese Cherry Tree.

71The Four Leaf Clover the Irish's leaf.

Most people know the good luck a 4-leaf clover can bring. Now how about the good luck you can get from rubbing a ginger kid.

71The true League of the Leaf - the Canadians!

That's right there Hosers, the first year of the league, over half of the managers in our hoose were from the Great White North eh? What did you think the league was really all aboot anyway? Take off eh!






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